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Before You Book!

18 and Over: Make sure you bring a form of payment, and government issued identification card. Make sure your well hydrated and have a meal or snack within 2 hours of your appointment. Allowed one friend for support inside the piercing room, others are welcome to wait in the waiting area! Please do not drink any alcohol before your appointment, we will not pierce anyone inebriated. We look forward to meeting everyone!!

17 and under: Birth certificate or other legal documentation is required for all underage piercings. All facial piercings, besides nostril, must me at least 16 years of age. Navel piercings are only performed at a minimum age of 16. All ear piercings available 13 years or older, besides Lobes. Only piercings done under the age of 13, are ear lobe piercings, and the client must be able to verbally tell us they would like the piercings for consent.

All Under age appointments, should call ahead of time. This will allow for discussion before the appointment.

** All prices are for service only, all jewelry will be purchased separately. We have many variety of quality, sizes, prices and metals.**

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