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All customers will receive aftercare instructions, and a full explanation by their piercing professional, of those instructions! Luxe houses three top level piercers, with a combined experience of over 33 years. Checkout the team HERE! Some amazing characters, and loving personalities here at Luxe, you will only get excellent customer service, and happy faces. Can't wait to meet all of you :)

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The First Day

Your thinking about getting a piercing, but not sure what do to or how to go about it. First thing you need to remember is to be sure on what you want pierced, ask questions, don't hesitate to move your marking to get the exact position you want, be ready for laughing and fun, eat before you come, be hydrated, and pay attention to your professional.

Healing Process

We want you to heal as quickly as possible, so our big request is to not touch your piercing while its healing. Make sure to call with any healing questions and always keep it clean! Follow our suggestions, and your heal time will be quick :)


Special Attention

You will have your piercers full attention during every procedure! We at Luxe, only have professional piercers working in our studio :)

There will be no tattoo artist, stopping their tattoo, to give you a quick piercing. At Luxe, we assure tons of education, professionalism, and an overall good time with every interaction.

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