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About Us

Quality, Respect, and Professionalism.

At Luxe, we are a piercing studio that shows everyone that walks in the door how much we love what we do. When it comes to quality, customer service, an unforgettable experience, and safe piercings, we have you completely covered. In the lobby you will see the best selection of body jewelry in the county, and will be greeted with nothing by professionalism and smiles! We pride ourselves on our knowledge, and want to make sure you feel safe, comfortable, and well educated, on everything that we have to offer. 


Our Story

The story of Luxe, has been in the workings for over 9 years, within the Ikonic Ink Tattoo studio. There has been so much development within the original studio, that we wanted to offer our services, and expertise, in a whole new way. This meant splitting our services into two locations, and offering that much more attention to our particular trades. Most of the professionals, have been with the company already for years, and are more natives to the area than most. 
At the new improved Luxe Piercing Studio, we took everything that we have expanded and trained for at Ikonic, and used it to offer even more jewelry options, at a more suitable location, and plan to make it the best in State College! Our health and safety standards are beyond anything anyone has seen. We want to show you all we can teach you, and use our relationship to expand your knowledge about your service, and give you a fast healing and safe piercing that you can be extatic about!

Meet The Professionals

Our Jewelry

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